The PSOTOOLBOX is Open Source






Installation (Matlab version):
To install the Matlab version of PSO TOOBOX, extract the downloaded zip archive to a folder (directory) on your system. Then start Matlab and add the folder (directory) to the Matlab path. The PSO TOOLBOX is now installed on your system.

Adding Path to Matlab:
To add the folder that contains PSO TOOLBOX to your Matlab path, follow the following instructions.
 1. Under File menu, select Set Path. (Fig. 1)

  Fig. 1
 2. Click Add with Subfolders. (Fig 2)
 3. Browse to the folder where you just unzipped the PSO TOOLBOX. (Fig 2)
 4. Click OK. (Fig 2)
 5. Click Close. (Fig 2)

Fig. 2

© copyright 2003 Jagatpreet Singh. The PSO TOOLBOX is released under GPL.
Supported Resolutions: 1024x768 (Recommended) 800x600 (Required)