The PSOTOOLBOX is Open Source





How do I install the toolbox?
Please see this page for installation details.
Why do I make the GUI work?
The alpha-0.1 version of PSO TOOLBOX does not come with a GUI. The next alpha version will have the GUI. Please stay updated as we will soon unveil the second alpha.
What language is the code of the toolbox written in?
The alpha versions come in the form of Matlab (.m) files. To make these files work, you will need to install Matlab (version 6.1 onwards).
Where are the Java files?
We are busy porting the code to Java. Future versions will include .java and .class files as well.
Why do I need this toolbox?
This toolbox has all the code that is required to run a weighted-PSO on your system. It also supports social neighborhood model. If you have studied PSO theoretically and are anxious to see how it works, then download the toolbox right away. If you have been working with GAs, Swarm Intelligence or other evolutionary or social algorithms, then you may also want to study PSO. It is faster than GAs and has similar (only slightly inferior) performance. If you have been using PSO for some time, then you would definitely want to download the toolbox and modify the code to test u'r variants.

How do I tune my FIS?
Sorry, the Alpha version doesn't yet support this feature. The next versions will definitely have this feature.

What is FIS?
Fuzzy Inference System.

© copyright 2003 Jagatpreet Singh. The PSO TOOLBOX is released under GPL.
Supported Resolutions: 1024x768 (Recommended) 800x600 (Required)